Soil Aeration and Conditioning

At They Might Be Monkeys providing in depth education on various aspects of tree care and health is very important to us! Austin and the surrounding area is uniquely blessed with a vast and varied urban forest and we believe that everyone can benefit from additional knowledge to help them be the best possible stewards of this beautiful environment. Please visit this section regularly to check in on our rotating list of relevant and hopefully interesting educational topics!

Soil Aeration and Conditioning

soilaerationSoil aeration and conditioning are the unsung heroes of optimal tree care! Aeration provides air to the soil, alleviates compaction, and improves structure. Conditioning refers to the addition of natural or synthetic ingredients to the soil to improve its chemical and/or physical composition.

In urban areas, especially recently developed properties, soil compaction takes a heavy toll on trees. The problem in not immediately visible. It often takes years to manifest symptoms that are noticeable to the untrained eye of a typical homeowner. The first visible symptoms are often slow growth, canopy dieback from the tips, and loss of large limbs. Ideally a property owner will call an arborist before development begins but all too often the call comes only after the problem has become critical.

At They Might Be Monkeys we are prepared to deal with all tree problems at any stage of damage, in the best way possible. Our consultant will evaluate the problem honestly, help you develop a plan according to your budget, and educate you on the best management practices to correct the problem and avoid recurrence in the future.

Reasons for Aeration

  • To reduce compaction from construction practices such as re-grading, vehicle traffic, or material storage
  • To increase water and nutrient absorption/filtration
  • To increase oxygen levels in the soil
  • To create an environment favorable to the continued growth of absorbing roots

Reasons for Conditioning

  • To invigorate the soil’s microbial activity
  • To increase the amount of available water
  • To increase the water holding capacity of soil
  • To restore levels of essential elements
  • To reduce damaged caused by over fertilization
  • To increase amount of organic matter in soil

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